Wonderbitch harnesses the transportive power of rock to take listeners on sophisticated flights of fancy. Citing psychedelic and 80s pop influence on their sound, they enchant with the visual aspects of their intriguing music videos and spirited live performances. 

Traces of Bowie, Steely Dan, and Talking Heads decorate their tunes. Lyrically, their offerings wax New Age, yet the sound is mixed in the charred, weirder edges of alternative. Their whimsical songs explore starkly rendered feelings and subjects that allow them to resonate with an introspective but universal vibe.

Wonderbitch has created a fascinating little hybrid for themselves, blending the sleek jazz rock of Steely Dan, the effervescent indie pop of Phoenix, along with a big, wonderfully garish helping of ‘80s R&B.
— PopMatters
2016 Reader’s Poll Winner: Austin
— The Deli Magazine
SXSW ended at the Austin Roller Rink, a suburban venue that became Saturday night’s most fun after-hours spot. [...] Wonderbitch soundtracked some great moves and a few spectacular falls.
— Rolling Stone
Top 10 Best New Band 2015”
”There’s not another group in Austin that baffles and beguiles in such perfect harmony.
— Austin Chronicle

Alex Chod - Vocals/Keys

Shaun Dickerson - Bass

Adam Littman - Sax

Bruce Smith Jr. - Guitar

Butch Wade - Drums


Photos by Dani Bauer [dbauerimages.com]